Collegiate Autism Programs

College Volunteer ProgramsOver the last 5 years, we have had the privilege of working with hundreds of college students and adults. We do so by training them in socialization therapies such as the Son-Rise Program as well as one on one work in buddy type systems, all in a volunteer capacity. Our programs include internship for credit programs with local colleges and universities, as well as purely volunteer activities through fraternities, sororities, and special education groups. Based on the strength of the training students received, many have gone on to become physical, occupational and speech therapists, medical doctors, doctors of osteopathic medicine, PhD candidates in psychology and developmental psychology, and work in autism research centers such as Kennedy Krieger andChildren’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) as well as the United Nations.

Volunteers are paired up with someone in the community as a buddy or are taught about social therapies if they are to become a part of a household’s in-home therapeutic program. They then can work years in this one on one environment studying social interaction, communication and leisure play.

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