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Deej panel discussion and movie viewing

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Come join us for a Panel discussion and film viewing of the movie Deej.

“I won the lottery when my parents adopted me from foster care; I won it again when they included me in regular education. Now, I seek to help kids much less fortunate than I by showing people what a nonspeaking student with autism can do.

In Deej, the camera intrudes on every aspect of my life. If seeing truly is believing, then perhaps eyes can be opened to the full potential of kids with significant disabilities. Shot over a six-year period, Deej reveals not only what the ideal of full inclusion requires but also what it can accomplish.”

– DJ Savarese

Our panel is comprised of:

Carolyn Bruey, Program Supervisor of IU 13’s Autism Solutions and School Psychologists
Sugey Cruz-Evert, President of the Tommy Foundation
Brad Minnig, pianist/composer with autism
Dr. Thomas Neuville, Millersville University
Kelly O’Byrne, Director of NHS Lancaster
Maureen Westcott, Executive Director of the Arc

The panel will take place from 6:15-6:50 p.m. on the Steinman Hall stage at the Ware Center. The movie will begin at 7 and be followed by a talk-back led by the film’s director Robert Rooy. There will be ASL interpretation for the panel and talk-back, and the movie is captioned for the Deaf. We will also offer audio-description for blind patrons.

We have 350 seats in the auditorium and would like to share this film with as many people as we can so please feel free to let me know if you would like to invite guests for free. Please email for tickets.

Free US of Autism Screening

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Join us on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2nd, 2014, at the Lancaster Public Library for a free screening of the award winning film United States of Autism.


The United States of Autism was a winner of the Pepsi Refresh Project and a Kickstarter campaign, and played in over 100 cities around the United States in 2013 raising nearly $20,000 for local autism groups. It was also one of only two films featuring autism to be in Oscar Qualification for the 86th Annual Academy awards.

The film, co-produced by Richard Everts and Sugey Cruz-Everts, brings a new vision to the world of autism and is a film that all families living with autism can look to for answers. Interviewees come from a broad cultural spectrum from Mormon to Muslim and Hispanic to Chinese. Each person shows how autism has shaped their world and, in many cases, made them stronger.


…the documentary’s chosen angle is meaningful: The world of autism is as diverse as the nation. –New York Times

…Candor, warmth and impressive displays of fortitude abound.. –LA Times

The documentary clarifies the breadth of the autism spectrum… –Variety Magazine

Ultimately, the film succeeds in its admirable goal of putting a human face on a disorder that many of those who lack a personal connection to it fail to fully comprehend or, in the worst cases, tolerate. –The Hollywood Reporter