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2018 Edge of Autism Walk and Festival

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Join us for the 2018 Edge of Autism Walk and Festival!

Information can be found on our main site here.

2017 Edge of Autism Walk and Festival

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Join The Tommy Foundation for Autism and Related Conditions for Autism Awareness Month to celebrate our 10th Annual Edge of Autism Walk & Festival. Help us raise Awareness for Autism with signs and messages both proceeding and during the event–live and on social media–to let others know what autism means to you and your loved ones. Join us after the Walk at Buchanan Park for a Festival with rides, games, prizes and more and where the theme is always one of Acceptance for our loved ones.

Visit Our Edge of Autism Website and Register

Final Day of Pre-Registration for Edge of Autism Walk and Festival

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Last Day to Sign-Up for EOA Walk and get a guaranteed t-shirt and bag. Please sign up at This is also the last day for Sponsors to donate and appear on the t-shirts!

2017 Edge of Autism Conference

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Join us for our 2nd Annual Edge of Autism Conference in Lancaster County.

Get Your Tickets! Download the Flyer

Our featured speakers and topics include:

Kerry Magro

Award Winning and Breakthrough Advocate Kerry Magro knew early on that he wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Kerry was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder-Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS) a form of autism, at age 4. Growing up Kerry’s future was very uncertain.

Today however, after countless hours of therapy and the support of a loving family, Kerry has conquered many of his challenges. Now at 28, Kerry is a national motivational speaker, best-selling author, movie consultant and non-profit founder.

His keynote presentation will be on his experience as an indivdual on the Autism Spectrum from being non-verbal until Age 4 to now as an advocate for the condition.

Workshop #1: Sensory Friendly Care with a focus on Safety and Play

Faith Clarke, Founder and Director from Melody of Autism.

Everyone who crosses the path of a person with ASD can become a dynamic force that helps that person and their entire family, thrive and be their absolute best. Their dynamic training program empowers your whole family to embrace the miracles and opportunities disguised in everyday moments. They base all our teachings on current research and the belief that a relational connection is the doorway to harmony, growth and development. They focus on developing the well-being of the person with ASD, as well as that of the entire family.

You’ll learn skills that aren’t laid out in a typical parenting book, and gain a refreshing perspective on parenting and care for your child, delivered in a dynamic, interactive and experiential way. In this forum, we discuss topics like:

• Nourishing Self-Care
• Transforming Everyday Moments
• Sensory Insight
• Understanding Challenging Behaviors

Workshop #2: Autism with a focus on Puberty and Sexuality — Not For the Faint of Heart

This is a joint workshop with Matthew Tyson and Christy Foote from Behavior By Design.

The staff at Behavior By Design provide direct care and training for your children to change and increase appropriate behaviors. They use several different traing methods and provide a variety of service to improve your child’s well-being and improve their quality of life.

This specific topic is not for the faint of heart and we ask that if you choose to attend this talk that you come prepared to ask questions honestly and frankly and expect to receive feedback in the same manner. The reality is that for many families this is an extremely challenging topic and in order for it to provide the biggest benefit to everyone involved it will be done in more of a Question and Answer format with speakers that are highly trained in the subject matter and from both a male and female perspective to better assist those in the audience with their questions.

Childcare: Please note that we will only be able to accommodate children who are already pre-registered on our childcare sheet which is available here: We need to be able to plan appropriately for children attending since many of them have specific needs that we need to plan for and because we need to make sure that there are enough individuals available for those needs. Thanks!

2016 Edge of Autism Walk, Expo and Festival

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Join Central PA’s largest autism festival and expo by attending the 9th Annual Edge of Autism Walk, Expo and Festival on April 23rd, 2016, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania! Walk our route dedicated to our exceptional children and filled with important information about autism and autism awareness. This is our main fundraiser for the year, and we took your feedback from 2015 and are making some changes!

Find our more at the 2016 Edge of Autism website!

8th Annual Edge of Autism Festival

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Join us at the 2015 Edge of Autism Festival now in it’s 8th year!

For more information, go to

3 Family Yard Sale in Ephrata, PA

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Come support three families as they raise money for their teams and the Edge of Autism Walk and Festival!

Infinitely Awesome Sponsors Three Years In A Row To Get Special Recognition

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“We Rise By Lifting Others” ~ Robert Ingresol

New Story (Salisbury Behavioral Health), PerformCare and Murry Communities will be recognized at this year’s Edge of Autism Walk & Festival, to be held at Buchanan Park on April 25th, 2015, for their outstanding contributions to the community over the last three years having donated at the “Infinitely Awesome” level or above during that time. It takes a lot to build programs and to have the capitol to make those programs run and flourish so it is extremely humbling to have three groups that so believe in the work you do that they support your efforts at the top levels for three years or more in a row.

New Story  Since New Story’s inception in 1997, their team of highly-skilled educators and therapists has been working with children and their families to provide personalized education and support to help them overcome challenges and achieve success. Each staff member and student has the opportunity to create individual new stories. Collectively, they create a much larger “New Story.” With many schools and service programs throughout Pennsylvania, they are continuing to expand offerings and locations to meet the growing needs of children and their families.

PerformCare-LogoPerformCare was founded in 1994 by a group of leading behavioral health organizations, including providers and related associations. They are a full-service managed behavioral health care organization that supports members and providers and offer specialized behavioral health and human services programs in both the public and private sectors. Originally known as the Community Behavioral HealthCare Network of Pennsylvania (CBHNP), PerformCare became a member of the AmeriHealth Caritas family of companies in 2008. Together with AmeriHealth Caritas, they are proud to be leaders in Medicaid managed care and behavioral health care. Today, they remain committed to a “mission-driven philosophy of care – providing quality, reliable, and cost-effective behavioral health management services to members across the Commonwealth.”

Murry Living WorkingspacesFinally, Murry Communities is one that on paper looks like there is less of an immediate connection to the ‘autism cause’ as their would be for the other two leaders herein presented given that Murry Communities largely deals with comprehensive real estate property management services. However, the real reason for the collaboration of this wonderful organization with the community comes in the form of a giving and generous spirit behind the scenes, Susan Murry, who as a mother herself who at times has had a difficult road understands the needs of our families and just wants to help anyway that she can.

We are so excited to share these wonderful groups and individuals with you and can’t wait to have them say a few words and receive the recognition they so rightly deserve at our ‘family reunion’ (The Edge of Autism Walk & Festival) this April.

Don’t forget that to register for the Walk, create a team or donate to a team that already exists you can visit

Thank You to Our 2014 Edge of Autism Sponsors!

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This year’s 2014 Edge of Autism event was a smashing success in no small part to all our wonderful donors out there! The Lancaster County community and those involved in autism around the country came together to help over 650 individuals and families affected by autism have a nearly perfect day! We thank each and every one of them, and hope you’ll join us in counting to support them in their businesses so we can continue to support each other as well.

Thank you!

$1000 or More – Infinitely Awesome Sponsor
(in alphabetical order)

Age of Autism

Clark and Associates

Lancaster Toyota Mazda Scion

Murry Family


Tobias Frogg


$500 or More – Acceptance Sponsor
(in alphabetical order)

Julie Abel



Lashonda Black

Family Behavioral Resource Services

Diane Hill

Life Changes Realty

Naomi Fredlund


MassMutual Eastern PA (Special Care Planning Team)

MassMutual Eastern PA (Special Care Planning Team)

* plus a number of donors that choose to remain anonymous


$250 or More – Action Sponsor

The Vista School

Therapy Resource Center

National Penn Bank

URS Corporation

JD Pazzo’s Pizza

Donna Frankfort

Lives in Balance Gym

Stauffers of Kissel Hill

Matthew McMahon

Leisa Nelson

Nicole Nikolaus

Patricia Sobaru

PNC Bank, Willowstreet


$100 or More – Awareness Sponsor

Emily and Len Pinder

The Schlamm Family

Refreshingly Clean

Waddell & Reed, Inc.

Spooky Nook Sports

Heather March-Engle and Family

Agape Care

Joe & Shannon Cicero

Dr. Ann Lee, Health for Life Clinic

The Evans Family

Chiropractic 1st

Irv & Danita Martin

Tonya Robinson

Sarah Hurley

Erin Watson

Karen Kerper

Kountry Kraft, Inc.

Mamata Patel

Energy Sherlock

Robert D. Johnson

Behavior Interventions, Inc.

Tangled Manes

Raymond Baldwin

Bill Broam

Chris Broam

Kathleen Byrne

Randy Crispino

Darrenkamp’s Market

Autism Cares Foundation

Weis Grocery Stores

Micheal Gruber

Mary Hershey

Giant Food Stores

Hursh Painting Co, Inc.

John Ibberson

HA Boyd. Inc.

Constance Johnson

Jill Joseph

Rod & Sue Keller

Renee Linney

Carol Lownes

Catherine Mangan

Joan McMahon

William McGrorty

Maria Meliton

Sarah Olsavsky

Dr. Larry Oxenberg

Red Robin, Hershey

Kate Root

Eileen M. Sapovchak

Ralph Scott

Amit Sinha

Robert Smith

Jacquelyn Smith

Lisa Smith

Barbara Stank

Louise Stewart

William Stockwell

Matthew Tyson

Harry Ulrich

Debbie Walmer

Kari Woler

Micah Wyatt

7th Annual Edge of Autism Festival

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Join us at the 2014 Edge of Autism Festival now in it’s 7th year!

For more information, go to